Health and Fitness Tips For Women – Best Recommendations For Workout Routines

A slim and trim and well toned body is a delight not only to flaunt, but also to behold. Today, women all over the world aim at the zero size and hourglass waistlines. However, the fast paced lifestyles we lead and the demands made on our time, at work and at home, make it impossible to stay in shape and perfect physical and mental health without dedication and guidance.

The best tips for workout routines applicable to women include the following:

Develop a plan

Chalk out your daily chores and free time on hand and only then design a fitness regime to work out. This will ensure that your workout routine will be managed within the free time on hand and the quality of the regime will not be hampered due to any disturbances.

Consult your doctor

It is very important to consult the family doctor and confirm your fitness level to take on the regime intended. It will do you good to periodically check your blood pressure and pulse rate. You should ideally adopt a fitness routine only after consulting your doctor and trainer and considering all the options, pros and cons involved.

Stay motivated

If company helps to motivate you, exercise at the local gym. Remember that the body loses mobility and flexibility with every break in the regime. Identify a space, time and routine that will keep sedentary habits at bay and enable you to exercise regularly.

Remember to adopt warm up and cool down exercises

It helps to develop the routine, complete with warm up exercises prior to the main work out and cool down exercises post regime. Gentle flexing before and after helps a lot and keeps strain and injury away. The warm up exercises enable the body to gradually adapt to the postures required during the regime, while the cool down exercises help to relax the body after the regime, neck, shoulders and every body part involved in the work out.

There are many online and offline resources that help you to put great exercise regimes together and offer guidelines 24 hours a day. Also there are certain simple exercises that you can adopt and practice even as you handle your daily chores, like:

1. Standing with your feet apart and knees slightly bent and bending your torso to the right and left for a great stretch

2. Lying on your back and bending your knees and raising your legs to cross your ankles to tone stomach muscles with the controlled movement and breath

3. Going down on and straightening one leg out at a time

4. Striding forward one leg at a time, keeping your back straight and bending both knees till each one, in turn, nearly touches the floor

5. Holding a chair and in turn, turning your legs out slightly and then raising one at a time as high as you can

6. Lying on your back and raising your knees and lower legs so that they are parallel to the ground

7. Sitting on a stool and resting your forearms over your thighs as you lean forward and pick up a dumb bell weight with one hand at a time

The workout routines are many and it is important to first identify the kind or level of toning you desire before taking on an exercise regime. It is just as important to compliment the fitness regime with a well balance diet. You should also consider simple toning exercises for all round fitness and tone muscles that lose strength and appeal with age. These exercises also help you address problems such as sagging skin and droopy posture.

Remember there are many experts who make themselves physically available or guide you online or offline, either free or for a reasonable fee.

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