Health and Fitness Tips For Women – Best Recommendations For Workout Routines

A slim and trim and well toned body is a delight not only to flaunt, but also to behold. Today, women all over the world aim at the zero size and hourglass waistlines. However, the fast paced lifestyles we lead and the demands made on our time, at work and at home, make it impossible to stay in shape and perfect physical and mental health without dedication and guidance.

The best tips for workout routines applicable to women include the following:

Develop a plan

Chalk out your daily chores and free time on hand and only then design a fitness regime to work out. This will ensure that your workout routine will be managed within the free time on hand and the quality of the regime will not be hampered due to any disturbances.

Consult your doctor

It is very important to consult the family doctor and confirm your fitness level to take on the regime intended. It will do you good to periodically check your blood pressure and pulse rate. You should ideally adopt a fitness routine only after consulting your doctor and trainer and considering all the options, pros and cons involved.

Stay motivated

If company helps to motivate you, exercise at the local gym. Remember that the body loses mobility and flexibility with every break in the regime. Identify a space, time and routine that will keep sedentary habits at bay and enable you to exercise regularly.

Remember to adopt warm up and cool down exercises

It helps to develop the routine, complete with warm up exercises prior to the main work out and cool down exercises post regime. Gentle flexing before and after helps a lot and keeps strain and injury away. The warm up exercises enable the body to gradually adapt to the postures required during the regime, while the cool down exercises help to relax the body after the regime, neck, shoulders and every body part involved in the work out.

There are many online and offline resources that help you to put great exercise regimes together and offer guidelines 24 hours a day. Also there are certain simple exercises that you can adopt and practice even as you handle your daily chores, like:

1. Standing with your feet apart and knees slightly bent and bending your torso to the right and left for a great stretch

2. Lying on your back and bending your knees and raising your legs to cross your ankles to tone stomach muscles with the controlled movement and breath

3. Going down on and straightening one leg out at a time

4. Striding forward one leg at a time, keeping your back straight and bending both knees till each one, in turn, nearly touches the floor

5. Holding a chair and in turn, turning your legs out slightly and then raising one at a time as high as you can

6. Lying on your back and raising your knees and lower legs so that they are parallel to the ground

7. Sitting on a stool and resting your forearms over your thighs as you lean forward and pick up a dumb bell weight with one hand at a time

The workout routines are many and it is important to first identify the kind or level of toning you desire before taking on an exercise regime. It is just as important to compliment the fitness regime with a well balance diet. You should also consider simple toning exercises for all round fitness and tone muscles that lose strength and appeal with age. These exercises also help you address problems such as sagging skin and droopy posture.

Remember there are many experts who make themselves physically available or guide you online or offline, either free or for a reasonable fee.

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How to Boost Your Sales With These 5 Email Marketing Tips

So you’ve managed to get yourself a pretty sizable mailing list. Now what? Having a huge list is good, but if you don’t know how to speak to your subscribers so they can switch from readers to customers, you’ll get nowhere. This is why I’ve decided to list 5 valuable email marketing tips that will help you make the most out of your email marketing campaigns.

1. Provide value upfront: Before you even attempt to make a sale, you have to offer something of value if you want your subscribers to respect your opinion. If you reward your subscribers with valuable information before you start pitching your products to them, they will trust you more and actually value what you have to say.

2. Build your own list: More and more people are offering list renting services to marketers who wish to advertise their products and services. But renting a list is not as efficient as using your own. Why? Because the success you will have with your email marketing efforts will depend on the relationship you build with your subscribers. So it’s always better to go for a list you’ve build yourself if you want optimal results.

3. Know who you’re talking to: You have to remember that your subscribers are people, not just email addresses. You want each and every one of your subscribers to feel special. You also have to understand what makes them tick and how to talk to them so you can spark their interest.

Depending on who your target audience is, you’ll have to take a personalized approach to how your subject lines and messages will be formulated. Some niches will require that you keep the tone formal and straight to the point, while others will allow you to be more humorous and creative. So you have to make sure that you understand your audience thoroughly if you want to get the best results possible with your email marketing efforts.

4. Be consistent: If you fail to be consistent when you send messages to your list, your subscribers might forget you. Per instance, if you’re giving a 5 day course to all new subscribers to your list, you have to make sure that your subscribers receive their course everyday. If they don’t, it will reflect badly on you and your brand.

5. Focus on building a relationship rather than selling: This is in my opinion one of the most important email marketing tips I could give you. Some people may think that advertising in each and every message they send to their list is the way to go, but if you focus on building trust and a solid relationship with your followers, they are more likely to listen to you once you decide to sell them something.

To be truly successful with these email marketing tips, you have to be ready to put the time and effort necessary to make it work. But once you start gathering a sizable list and follow the advice I’ve just given in this article to the letter, you’ll be able to use the power of email marketing to significantly boost your sales and cut your advertising costs.

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3 Sites That Make Video Content Creation Easy and Allow You to Read Your Viewer’s Minds!

This article is a little long but I URGE YOU to read it in one sitting and take action! After reading this you will be the “Omniscient” video content creator. You’re viewers will think you are a secret magician, witch doctor or have a futuristic crystal ball.

Not too long ago I polled subscribers and asked them what were the biggest challenges they encountered with Video Marketing and Video Lead Generation. Hands down… the most frequently asked question asked was “How do I find content for my videos?”

There were 3 categories of people that asked this question. They were:

• Newbies, those just getting started and wet behind the ears

• Veterans and Intermediate video marketers and video lead generation consultants that were having video writers block

• A combination of Newbies, Veterans and Intermediate video marketers and video lead generation consultants that were entering a new industry or had clients in an unfamiliar industry.

This strategy is perfect for ALL of the above types. So if you have ever fallen, or fall into any of the categories above, keep reading because this article was written especially for you.

To top it off this strategy will not only provide you with an unlimited list of topics for your videos, but you’ll be able to leverage this strategy to get instant targeted traffic to your videos too.

One last thing, this process can also be semi-automated (I’ll show you this at the end of the article) to make it easy to have ideas dumped in your lap without having to search for them.

OK so let’s dive in!

You have heard the age old cliché’, “content is king”. When it comes to video marketing and video lead generation it’s best to create and produce multiple videos with “quality content” to gain channel authority (for YouTube) which will help you get ranked higher in YouTube and Google. Multiple videos mean you’ll need a steady stream of content ideas for your videos.

The key to successful lead generation videos is providing quality content to your audience. There are plenty of “SPAAMMY” video creation software’s out there that allow you to pump out dozens of low quality videos instantly, but quality (in this case) always trumps quantity.

Crappy videos don’t convert and after all, what is the point if your videos don’t convert?

Quality videos and quality video content provides value to your prospect, makes them feel all warm and fuzzy towards you (or your client) and keeps them engaged and taking action, signing up to your list and waiting on the edge of their seat for more video content from you.

OK… here’s how to be the omniscient (all knowing) video content creator and read your viewer’s minds.

I actually forgot about this strategy until recently when I had reminisced on one of my first website successes.

I used this strategy to start a coupon website (before Groupon), grow it to 20k + unique visitors per month and sell it for over $5000 back in 2009. I used this strategy to test the initial concept and build it out.

This is what I did (and still do to this day to find video content).

Find out what your audience needs to know (FAQ’s) and answer their questions. Simple right? Well it really is that simple.

The best place to find those burning customer questions are question and answer sites and Niche Forums. Search the sites for questions asked and simply provide the most valuable answer to the unanswered questions.

But… to one up your competition you provide the answer in a video! This is how you gain instant traffic for your videos and generate leads and sales all while providing value.

Typically it’s frowned upon to leave your own website for all your answers on Q/A sites because it seems overly promotional and borderline “SPAMMY”. But, when you leave a valuable video (that just happens to be your video) that’s specifically targeted to the question being asked, the audience doesn’t even pay attention to the fact that it’s yours, after all it’s on YouTube (a trusted source).

Here are 3 websites you can use to get started:

• Yahoo Answers

• Quora


If you Google (Wishpond how to use Q A Sites) you can get a full list of niche specific Q/A sites.

Discussion forums are also a great place to find questions. These sites require a little more digging around but you can use a site like to make life much easier.

Here’s the overall strategy to find an endless stream of questions to answer and provide valuable video content for your audience:

  1. Go to a Q/A site
  2. Search for your topic via keyword phrase or browse the general categories
    There are two ways to look for content.
    a. Search for your topic and make a list of the top 5 questions or responses. (you can usually sort or filter by the questions with the most answers/comments)
    b. Search for open questions with a few responses but that can still be answered (this is where you will provide your answer via video).
  3. Create a video answering the question in detail (Hint: Do your research to provide the best answer but you can use content from the best existing answers to add to your video and write-up to make it easier on yourself and still provide value to the end user).
  4. Instant Traffic Secret: Once you have the content for your video answer. Just create a short video answering the question. Upload it to YouTube, be sure to add annotations/cards and calls to action in your video and description (these help generate leads). Go back to the original source of the question, write a short answer on the site and paste in your YouTube video link. You will get video views and if you are picked up as the best/top answer, your video will become front and center and you get an authority back link to your video which will help it rank higher in the search engines. WIN WIN WIN

That’s it, it really is that simple. This is a simple yet effective way to find content AND get traffic and back links to your videos.

For the people that appreciate being more productive, you can semi-automate this process using Google Alerts, custom search queries and your email for automated delivery.

You can also use Google alerts and an RSS feed for automated delivery to your favorite RSS news aggregator.

Just put in a custom query into Google Alerts and choose your output (Rss or email).

Here’s an example of a query: “video production”

The above query will bring up any question around video production on yahoo answers. Then select the types of information, frequency and delivery method (RSS or email) and that’s it.

All you will need to do from there is simply open up your email or RSS aggregator and you automatically stay on top of the most asked questions based on your chosen topic/keywords.

If you are really savvy you can use IFTTT to drop the information in a spreadsheet (my preferred method) and then use that for your editorial calendar.

You just discovered a little known secret to generating video content, getting instant targeted traffic, and leads. Take what you just learned and dominate.

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