These Former and More Recent Leaders Saw the Plans and Purposes of God Unfold Perfectly

A servant of Abraham, the man of God, who has such amazing faith, is sent to fetch a wife for his son Isaac. We read all the astonishing details in Genesis Chapter 24 but the servant does and accomplishes and achieves what he was sent to do. That is so like the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit.Rebekah, the wife to be, returns and is married to Isaac, but Rebekah was barren, and Isaac prayed.Jesus Christ, our Great High Priest, intercedes for us. Twins were born, and they are Esau and Jacob. They were so different in nature. They did not really get on and Esau sold his birthright for what was temporary, rather than fix his eyes on the eternal.Remember these people in the letter to the Hebrew Christian Church were on the point of giving up and going back! This is what I have recently been reading and studying in the book of Hebrews in the New Testament, and I am presently in Chapter 11. Do read it and also the Old Testament references. It is all so illuminating and encouraging and educational in the highest sense.Esau became the nation of Edom.In Genesis Chapter 27 we read of Jacob receiving Isaac’s blessing. It was not done in a way which we might approve, but it was the father’s blessing and that is what counts. That is what matters so much, and much more than we think and realise.I cannot answer the various questions that do arise from this rather awkward passage, but what I do know is that God used Jacob. I can tell you this. Jacob did not have it easy, but the living God was with him, and that is what matters no matter who we are or where we are..God re-confirms His Word to Jacob, and from that moment on he had a number of very difficult years, but he came through it all, with a wife.Turn to Chapter 32. We come to the famous incident of Jacob wrestling.Wrestling is the most intense contact activity there is. Consider the truth of that in the context of Ephesians Chapter 6 where we wrestle not against flesh and blood.God changed Jacob’s name to Israel. Why? Abraham had been called Abraham by God and Abraham was told to name Isaac, Isaac, but Jacob was not named by God, and that has to be dealt with. That has to be changed, because these are vitally important people as the plans and purposes of Almighty God unfold.There are all kinds of things in us which Jesus Christ wants to change.Never be closed to the changes which God wants to make in us.Return to Hebrews 11, and simply take a quick sweep through these verses and years of history.Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, who became Israel. Jacob had 12 sons whose names became the tribes of Israel. Joseph is sold into Egypt, and rises to become Prime Minister, and brings his family down in time of famine.400 years later when they were now all slaves, God raises up Moses.Jacob right to the very end was a worshipper. He lived by faith.Joseph knew by faith that one day the Hebrews would get out of Egypt.It took 400 years, but God did it! All these leaders demonstrated remarkable leadership and everything worked out in detail just exactl;y as Almighty God had planned each scenario.Faith leads us to worship. Faith leads us to that place where we receive a word from God and we know that God will work it all out, even though it takes 400 years!Between Malachi and the birth of John and Jesus there are some 400 years.See the Father, Son and Holy Spirit at work in these lives. See the gifts. See the blessings and the struggles, in the lives of these men of real faith throughout the whole of Hebrews Chapter 11.In 1897, Theodore Hertzel said that within 5 or 50 years there will be a state of Israel, and he suggested the emblem, and in 1948 it happened. He was only one year out.In 1917, General Allenby was about to enter Jerusalem, to receive its surrender at the hands of Islamic rulers. He dismounted and took off his hat and gloves and said, “I will not ride into the city of my God and Saviour.”The Jews did not get back Jerusalem for 50 years, the year of Jubilee, and in 1967 following the Six Day War, Israel re-governed Jerusalem for the first time in 2,000 years.With Almighty God certain things take time but His plans and purposes when they unfold are absolutely perfect.Sandy Shaw.

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